There are many reasons to be happy coming home. Having had Granny & Baba here the last couple of days has been lovely and super helpful

Then this turned up today and made Mrs G cry by 11am. With friends like this, it is a pleasure to be home. Thank you T&H. So so kind


Gorgeous final views of the city

A few last thoughts

This time tomorrow, we will be trying to see if 4 go into 3. We’ve only got 3 seats on the plane so hopefully Maxi will play ball and fall asleep on one of us – but if not it could be a long night!

Today was about wrapping up the last of the admin – getting rid of furniture any way we can – a small mountain of crap is currently sat on the stoop (hopefully) attracting the attention of passers by so we can leave the flat empty tomorrow. Mrs G had a bit of admin to finish up in town so I was Daddy Daycare with the M’s. The weather has helpfully done its bit to make leaving a little less painful, as the ridiculous heat and humidity that is the NYC summer is starting to kick in. We managed about an hour in Prospect Park this morning before it all proved to be a bit much for Maxi:

The rest of the day has mostly just been admin heavy – packing packing and more packing, interspersed with a bit more packing and admin. Its a dream life

And now we are having the Last Supper, up on the deck, watching Empire State Building blink away in the distance, thinking its all been pretty cool really. More of that tomorrow, but in the meantime, a random list of things that we really should import back to the UK:

  • Stacy’s Pitta Chips
  • Proper salad bars
  • Tipping 15-20%
  • Stoop sales
  • Just putting stuff outside your house that you want to get rid of for free
  • Total acceptance of ordering “off menu”
  • Child friendly eating¬†everywhere
  • Great playground equipment
  • Informal – yet amazing – Brooklyn dining
  • Seamless &¬†Hailo (if they aren’t there already)
  • Tasty lager. It’s not true – it doesn’t have to be bland piss
  • Goldfish (snacks not fish)
  • Massive cars. I know, I’m a horrible person and going to hell and all that, but trust me, just drive a GMC Yukon on Chevvy Surburban. You just feel so fricking important
  • Sprinklers in playgrounds for hot days (actually scrub that – no hot days in the UK)

And for good journalistic balance, some things that are best off staying this side of the pond:

  • Monopoly on utilities (I’m talking about you ConEd and TWC)
  • Buggy unfriendly transport systems
  • Public swimming pool rules and particularly the people paid to enforce them
  • In fact, anyone, who works in any public office, anywhere in the US. Except the Dept of Homeland Security. They are brilliant. Lovely blokes (in case they are listening)
  • The banking system. Cheques are archaic people!
  • Yo Gabba Gabba. Just YouTube to work out why DJ Lance should never be inflicted on anyone ever again
  • Supermarket prices in NYC

There you go. Still love the place. Can’t believe we are going. Boo. Never mind, hear the weather is getting nice on just in time for our return

Final Sunday brunch. Making the most of it with breakfast Mojito

Included good negotiation from M

Daddy: Martha – what do you want – ham or lettuce?

Martha: Chips

Some battles are worth fighting. Others? Not so much…